Jacqueline Schepers-Huijben
Jacqueline Schepers-Huijben
Jacqueline Schepers-Huijben

Please allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Jacqueline Schepers-Huijben. Above all else I'm wife to my loving husband, mother to two darling children (2008 and 2010) and 'mum' to our lovely Welsh Springer Spaniel.

I started the 'Train the Professional' training of CoreTalents in 2018 and after succesfully having completed the training, I may now officially call myself a registered CoreTalents analyst.
My experience as a secondary school teacher of English, teacher trainer, student counsellor, coordinator of dyslexia and specialist in gifted education among others, have given me a lot of insight in human character, which has helped me enormously as an analyst. In addition my childhood spent in Egypt and Mexico has provided me with understanding and insight into different cultures and in such also the tools to help both adults as young adults to gain insight in their small, half and strong CoreTalents and a grip on their lives in the process. Making the right choices when it comes to choosing a study-course or the right profession based on energy generators in stead of energy consumers forms a solid base to build a happy and healthy life. Insight into your own apptitude will provide you with new opportunities to excell on the job market. It will help prevent both burnout and boreout.

In addition I am co-founder of HOE (pronounce 'who'), which I formed with several good friends in the fall of 2017. Our objective is to change the Dutch education system, making it more suitable to fit the needs of the gifted.

I started my own company 'Achter de Spiegel' (Dutch translation for Lewis Caroll's 'Through the Looking Glass') with the intention of helping people find their right place in life, as a CoreTalents analist, but also as a specialist in the highly gifted and as a student guidance counsellor.

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