the only way to do great work is to love what you do


You’re at a crossroads in your life. You realise that the chosen study direction (largely) determines where you end up.

You’ve often seen friends or relatives make the wrong choice that after a few months ends in disaster. As a result, they lost a lot of money, time and energy, and sometimes even a lot of their self-confidence, unfortunately.

You don’t want that. Failing once in a while might not be so bad in the course of a human life - after all, you’ll learn a lot from it if you’re smart - but still, you want to avoid the wrong study choice. And rightly so.

You want to choose the right course of study, preferably the one that fits you perfectly. One that you can start full of enthusiasm and talent, that fits your character. Which you complete successfully so that you can further build on it positively. So that you will later have a good, interesting job, an exciting career, fascinating colleagues and ... earn the money you need to live.

A CoreTalents Analysis allows you to leverage your values and your strengths and the results will give you the incentive to put yourself on track.

A CoreTalents Analysis gives you perfect insight into what gives you energy, but also what costs you energy. And what excites you now and will do so later on, or what won't. 

As your CoreTalents analyst, I'm here to help you match this self-knowledge with all the study directions that exist! And the course of your choice will then lead to the professions and jobs that fit you in the course of your hopefully long life.

After your analysis you will receive a specially developed assignment that will help you to pick out the ideal pieces of fruit from this huge orchard, fruit that really suit you. So that you ultimately and with full knowledge will be able to choose the one that suits you best and … continues to do so in the future.

A CoreTalents analysis has also proven to be a very helpful tool for schools and guidance consellors to gain insight into the character, potential and intrinsical motivation of their pupils. Unmotivated students. or students are not fully living up to their potential, can be better understood and put on the right track, so that they too can excell. It also helps students choose the right exam courses based on their energy generators, upgrading the chances of a succesful graduation.

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