it is not the role that defines the person

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Doing business and taking risks

Nowadays, many people consider self-employment or freelancing (ZZP in Dutch). Of course it offers many advantages. More freedom and flexibility in one's time management for one, because you are your own boss and don't have to answer to anyone. But also being in charge of one's own income appeals to many people.

Starting something from scratch, as en entrepreneur, brings along many risks, such as uncertainty about income. It also takes a lot of time and energy, especially in the beginning. Closing the door at 6 pm is something that novice entrepreneurs cannot afford. On the other hand, if taking risks and irregular working hours happen to be something that appeals to you, then it might be the right thing for you.

Entrepreneurship also requires some specific competences, which can be traced back to specific CoreTalents. Anyone can go to the Chamber of Commerce, but whether your company has a chance of success and can keep bankruptcy at bay, naturally depends on many factors, including vision, (medium) long-term thinking, strategy ... just to name a few.

Leading and / or Management

If you, as an entrepreneur, are able to see your company grow in such a way that you will have to hire personnel, there is even more to it. After all, a good entrepreneur is not necessarily a good manager / leader / boss. This applies to any leader in any company or workspace. CoreTalents play a major role in leadership. As a manager, are you a pusher? Or just a tractor? Are you social? If so, in what way? Are you empathetic? In what way? ... etc. Hiring staff to supplement or support you in areas that give you less energy is certainly worth considering. It will only benefit your business.

Do you want to promote someone as a leader in the workplace? For example as a manager? Then a CoreTalents Analysis clearly shows to what extent the candidate is the 'right person' for the job. Would the candidate like to work from a helicopter view in the medium term? Or rather from a frog perspective, with a focus on the details and the short term? Here too empathy plays a role. And this is where the 'Peter Principe' comes into play.

Are you considering entrepreneurship? Or are you an entrepreneur and are you stuck, not knowing what is the right step to take next? Do you want to grow with your company? A CoreTalents Analysis will provide you with the foundation from which to start or continue building.

'Naming things correctly contributes to the happiness of the world.'

  • A leader leads people: lead.
  • A director determines the direction: la direction.
  • A strategist determines the (long-term) goal and the means to achieve that goal: strategos.
  • A manager manages the resources: manage.
  • An entrepreneur starts something up: entrepreneurship.
  • A business M / F does business: business. 

- Danielle Krekels, founder of CoreTalents

a leader leads people