rumi - love is a mirror

For who?

Achter de Spiegel is focused on looking beyond what the eye can see.

On, just like Alice - who went through the looking glass to wonderland - looking beyond the mirror of special souls, at the hidden world that lies behind it.

Achter de Spiegel is therefore a place with ...
... knowledge of and guidance for curious and wonderful people.

In recent years it has become apparent that everyone is actually referred to by this. Everyone is curious and everyone looks at the world in their own wonderful way.

My own curious nature and my work and life experience have empowered me in helping anyone and everyone look in the mirror and discover who they really are. The CoreTalents method is has proven to be extremely suitable for this.

succes is liking yourself

Whether you are an employer or a jobseeker or self-employed, I can provide you with the basis from which you can further organize your workplace. Whether it concerns reintegration, a new position or promotion, a career switch or an extension of your duties... with the information that I provide for you after an analysis, you can move forward and take the next step. An analysis is an ideal assessment tool to help get everyone in the right place. It ensures recognition and mutual understanding, both at home and in the workplace.

if you're looking for that person that will change your life

A CoreTalents Analysis Report provides an ideal starting point for therapists, counselors and coaches to tailor appropriate personal guidance and thus provide tailor-made solutions. Working on burnout / bore-out prevention or recovery can thus be tackled a lot more efficiently.

ir's easier to build strong children

As it is possible to analyse someone from the age of about 14, I can also help you when you are having trouble chosing the right course profile or making the right study choice. A choice based on energy providers, which enables you to search more targeted in a direction that suits your personality, your potential and your intrinsic motivation. Thus making sure that whatever choice you make, it will suit you individually and will lead to a suitable job after graduation.
It is also very suiatable for young adults or adolescents who get stuck in their studies. It offers a basis for coordinating appropriate guidance. It will help increase self-confidence, because knowing his/her constellation helps the student gain insight into his nature, his potential and his intrinsic motivation.

when a flower doesn't bloom

Are you (highly) gifted or is there a suspicion of highly giftedness? I can certainly help with that, as an analyst, but also from my expertise as a specialist in gifted education. The CoreTalents method is nuanced enough to map out what really energizes a gifted person and gets them motivated.