HOE Hoogbegaafdheid Ondersteuning en Educatie


Hoogbegaafdheid Ondersteuning en Educatie

HOE (pronounce 'who') stands for Hoogbegaafdheid Ondersteuning en Educatie, which translates as 'High Giftedness Support and Education'.
HOE was founded in the fall of 2017 by myself and a group of friends who struggled with our own giftedness and at the same time were confronted with problems concerning our gifted children's schooling. Our mission is to radically change the paradgim of the Dutch education system, in the hope of creating a better system for future generations of gifted children.

Their efforts have resulted in a co-effort with Qeske, a community in Kerkrade, to raise the concept 'Qleske', in which local professionals have come together to redefine education, by using daily situations to motivate potential (gifted) drop-outs into educating themselves according to their own needs.

Feel free to drop on by and have a look at what goes on in the Qeske Lab, whether just to satisfy your curiosity or whether you have some valuable input to offer. We welcome everyone!

'It is easier to make strong children than to repair broken adults.'

Frederick Douglass