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CoreTalents and the Highly Gifted

Opinions differ a lot about what giftedness is. Over the years, different scientists have also considered this and these scientists have different views. The generally accepted definition of giftedness is as follows:

"A gifted person is a quick and smart thinker, who can handle complex matters. Autonomous, curious and driven by nature. A sensitive and emotional person, intensely alive. He or she takes pleasure in creating."

This comes from the 2007 Delphi model (see image), developed by 20 gifted experts from the Netherlands and Belgium. They found that the current methods focused on just having a high IQ too much, when in their eyes giftedness is much more.

delphi model of giftedness

Highly gifted individuals have the capacity to 'excell in everything'. They are easily capable of developing competences, including competences developed on their small CoreTalents. It is therefore much easier for them to end up boreout, because they don't really have a good view on what truly energizes them. 

Underachieving at school is a much seen consequence. The student appears to be demotivated, or the general impression among the teachers is that the level the student is working on at school is above his or her capacity. The average way general education teaches and expects them to think, which doesn not match their own way of thinking, enhances this problem. Another enhancing factor could also be that the pupil or student in question has a certain specific CoreTalents profile which completely drains them, causing boreout ├│r burnout.

For many dropouts this is an underlying reason for them not attending school.

When it comes to adults, employees often see colleagues calling in absent more and more often. Or he or she appears to be performing at his or her limit; is the centre of many conflicts at the office; is very demanding when it comes to workfloor feacilities... etc. For more information on highly gifted employees, you can turn to the IHBV, the Dutch Institute for the Highly Gifted Adult.
By gaining insights into your employee's energizers, you can fully benefit from their talents and potential. Their unique way of thinking and working are essential and extremely valuable for every company. It's a big loss for the community that this valuable, yet vulnerable group of assets so often end up at home receiving sickness benefits, especially since it could have been prevented.

The CoreTalents method is extremely suited to use on the highly gifted, both young and old, since it is very difficult to manipulate. By gaining insights into their energizers and energy consumers, we can help get this vulnerable group back on track. And fully benefit from everything they have to offer.

Note: A CoreTalents Analysis is not an IQ test. Of course, potential does run like a thread through the whole.
If you are unsure about your giftedness or not, an IQ test can provide clarification.
You may recognize yourself in this
list of characteristics (drawn up by Rianne van de Ven). Or try Mensa's online home test.

Disclaimer: the above list of landmarks is not a scientific instrument and does not give a definite answer as to whether or not you are gifted. It may be reason for further research.

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