For Parents of Gifted Children

Growth through connection

When it comes to giftedness, the tendency quickly arises to discuss educational development. According to SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted), it is possible to build a solid foundation with the parents. One that benefits the grounding of the gifted child in the school system. “On the basis of trust, openness and connection, parents can teach their child to be themselves.”
The success of James Webb's model has now been brought to the Netherlands and translated to the needs of parents here.

Would you like:

• discover how to better understand your gifted child?
• find tools to be able to guide your child even better emotionally?
• improve communication and relationship with your child, partner and/or environment?

Then the Peers4Parents Programme and/or the Experiences we offer are for you!

Get to know the themes of Peers4Parents

The challenges that parents of gifted children face during parenting are often quite different compared to those of most other parents. These children tend to be creative deep thinkers with a high awareness. They experience both their inner world and the outside world in a quite intense manner, which is often hard to grasp and understand by others. As a result the child often feels misunderstood. The worst case scenario being that the child is unable to mirror himself to his environment and could develop a false self-image.
As a parent, you are faced with the challenge of supporting your child in getting to know himself and in learning to live in harmony with others. The mismatch between who the child is, what he needs to develop and the opportunities the environment offers could complicate that task or simply make it less fun. This provides parental stress and costs energy. The stress can also put pressure on communication within the family itself.
Peers4Parents focuses on supporting parents in parenting, as positive parenting provides more positive energy, emotional balance and pleasure in parenting.

The themes of Peers4Parents are based on the book by the American psychologist James T. Webb: 'A parents' guide to gifted children'.

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