Have a look in the mirror, who do you see...?

Having trouble making the right choice concerning your studies? 

Is your career not heading in the direction you would like it to? Are you burnout or boreout? Or do you feel you are heading that way? 

Would you like to have insights in the potential of your employees, so you can deploy them according to their full potential? Or, as a teacher, would you like to find out what your pupil needs to become motivated again.

through the looking glass


In order to meet the future head on, we'll first have to visit your past: your childhood. A CoreTalents analysis might just be 'what the doctor ordered'! 

I'm here to help you see more than meets the eye; to help you get insights into your own apptitude and potential. 
Packed with this newly acquired knowledge you'll see a whole new world - full of wonder - open up before you. 

you have to start to be great

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Jacqueline Schepers-Huijben...

Jacqueline Schepers-Huijben
love is a mirror