Services I can offer you

Once you've decided you would like to undergo a Coretalents analysis, you can get in touch with me. Together we'll discuss the options and compare them to your wishes. Once we have a good view of what you want and need, we'll settle te formalities concerning time schedule and the costs.
An analysis is possible once puberty sets in, from the age of about 14, but that depends on the individual.

You can choose between a 'Coretalents Analysis'  or a 'Coretalents Discovery' . You can find out more about the differences below.

After applying for an analysis, you'll receive an e-mail with a link to the questionnaire. It's a pleasent questionnaire and it will take you approximately 20-25 minutes to finish. It will take you back to your childhood and to what you used to enjoy playing with.

You'll then either come over for the analysis or we'll set a date for a videoconference (see below). I'll discuss the answers with you, tell you what your Coretalents are and how they effect one another. You'll then - finally - know exactly who you are, what you are capable of and what you want.

An analysis or discovery is also possible through videoconferencing, allowing you to discover your Coretalents constellation from whereever you choose, whether it's your living room, or your office.
If you decide on this option, I'll send you a link to our videoconference along with the link to the questionnaire. As an analysis can take up to approximately 4,5 hours, I would advise to split the complete analysis into two sessions, one focussing on the check of the questionnaire and the feedback of your constellation. The other focussing on the in-depth interview.

After undergoing the 'discovery' or 'analysis' we'll settle on a date for the report, which I'll make sure you get as soon as possible. We'll also discuss the possibilities for possible further steps which can be taken and whether or not I can help you take those next steps.

Did you know you can fall back on your report, for the rest of your life? And that you can start making positive choices right now, based on the outcome, that will still make you happy 25 years from now.

At the moment Achter de Spiegel has no waitinglist.

Distance is not an issue! 
Whether you live in the local area of Maastricht, Amsterdam, London or anywhere else in the world, you can also undergo an analysis through videoconferencing.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Coretalents analysis

A complete analysis consists of the following:
-A Check of your questionnaire;
-The Feedback of your small, half and stronf Coretalents;
-A full Depth Interview of your lifecycle;
-A very comprehensive report in which everything that was discussed during the analysis is incorporated, along with a complete overview of all your Coretalents and their explanations, your energy generators and energyconsumers and focus points for the future.

As a gift for choosing to undergo the full Coretalents analysis, you will receive a card deck '(retailvalue € 50,-) inspired by Alice in Wonderland, designed Exclusively for 'Achter de Spiegel.*

*available as of March 2022

Coretalents discovery

A basic analysis which consists of the following:
-A Check of your questionnaire;
-The Feedback of your small, half and strong Coretalents;
-A standard report with a complete overview of all your Coretalents and their explanations.

Additional options related to a report of your Core Talent constellation (at extra cost):

Report option 1: an schematic overview of your constalletaion, including a summary of the essence of what was discussed.

Report option 2: a standard report with an overview of all your Coretalents and what they mean;

Report option 3: an extensive personal report that includes everything that has been discussed, complete with an overview of all your Coretalents and what they mean, your energy generators and energy consumers and focus points for the future.

Two principles apply in advance:

* you should no longer be in your childhood, puberty must have started
* the candidate should be free of any childhood Trauma, with a big T. Severe childhood traumas (can) make memories unreliable and therefore also the outcome of the analysis.

If in doubt, please contact me so that we can discuss what options are available to you.